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OKAY! This is very interesting!!

I thought i have deleted this blog until one of my friends told me that he found my blog..

Should i keep this blog or delete it?


Friday, August 7, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Australia Tour!!!

Please note that Mr Mohd Hussain is me.. My name is Mohd Khairudin Hussain.. People use surname in many occasion and form.. huhuh....

This experience has been the best so far... My passion about dance is very deep.. i love to dance very much... and Im a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance US, Australia and Canada. Malaysia? First season yes! Second season? Nope!! Sorry.. No offense..

Embrace my poyoness.. Posing before went to show.. That was my attire..

When i heard that SYTYCD Australia Season 2 is having a tour around Australia, i quickly check and book the ticket.. And guess what.. I got a middle-and-very-front-row seat where i could see TOp 10 dancers perform just 10 metres away from me.. Am i destined to be a dancer? Was it just a luck or a destiny? Because for all dance events, i always got a good spot.. Seeing them perform in front of me boosts up my passion and fired up my spirit to improve myself as a dancer.

I cant stop smiling after the show.. WIsh the show could be longer because i felt it was not enough... (Maybe because they were very entertaining and amazing!!)

Things to highlight:-

1) I forgot that the show was on weekend.. Thus, bus service was available every one hour, not every 30 minutes. Thus, i was nervous as hell that i couldnt make it on time because the show started at 230pm and my bus arrived at 120pm and it took 1 hour to arrive Sydney City.

2) After arrived in Sydney City, i walk super fast to Sydney Entertainment Centre, afraid of not being able to enter the hall.. Even worst, i feel like i have to pee because it was super cold (winter.. sigh!).. But in order for me not to miss every single performance, i try to hold it for a while.. ( a while means 1 and a half hour!!! gosh!)

3) Thanks that there was an intermission session.. Lastly, at the end of the performance, Gianne and BJ looked and smiled at me... Felt like heaven!!

4) I was just 10 metres away from them.. Wish i could go and hug each of them... eventhough they were sweating like hell.. i just dont care!! huhu...

Tong09 - Art Exhibition

A Night before the Event..
p/s:- We arrived at Malaysian Hall one day early for full rehearsal.. THat night, we ate at Taste of Thai... Yummy!!

The gothic side of Flo, Jen and Danny..

Last two months, my friend Napi from Malaysian Hall invited me and my dance group to perform a dance for an art exhibition.. I was very excited that i could perform in Australia. It was a small step for me to expose my dance group and my ability to choreograph a dance - either modern or traditional.. I was fired up by the invitation that i choreographed, for me the best choreography so far..

Go Rentak!! Gothic Abes ar??

Thanks to God and all my dance-mates for willingly dancing for the event. I was glad and happy that all the feedbacks that i got were positive and people were happy with our performance. The best feeling ever when the VVIP of the night, Dr Nasir said 'I wish i could go in front and dance with all of you because it was good. But i know that i am already old and i have be like an old man."

The drunken side of me.. hahaha..

Thanks to all who supports RENTAK! until now. Thanks to all my Macquarie friends that came to support our dance group as well as the event..

National Conference Games

This is RENTAK!

Embrace your poyoness!!

NCG is one of the biggest annual events that gather all Malaysian students and athletes from all over Australia. As far as Adelaide to as near as Canberra, it was amazing that i could see lots of Malaysian in Australia.. There were my friends who came as representatives of Queensland to compete in various sports - Squasy, Tennis, Futsal etc..

Pic 1,2 and 3 - Some movements of our performance - Zapin, Jawa and Kuda Kepang..

I have been invited to perform a Malaysian traditional dance for the opening ceremony.. It was a good platform to expose my dance group - RENTAK!. A day before the NCG opening ceremony, we performed contemporary and hip hop dances for an art exhibition at Malaysian Hall Sydney.

Andy Flop Poppy!! Perform CINTA and AKU DAN KAMU acoustically. Love it!!

By the time we were about to get ready to perform, there was a group of girls asked us.. "You all nih RENTAK kan? You all yang perform kat Malaysian Hall semalam kan? Besh ar performance korang!"

It felf very good that people can remember my group with only one performance. With one performance, people were able to remember my group name and our performance and even better praised our performance. It felt very good and it shows that my dance group is about to get established. Well, the performance at Malaysian Hall is a memorable performance perhaps.. :)

Brisbane - Three Worlds..

WORLD!! When we say world, what comes to your mind? Mawi? Sucks to be you if Mawi came acroos through your mind.. haha.. no offense!!!

During my trip to Brisbane, one of the highlights was the worlds that Gold Coast provided to you.. There are more than three worlds - Sea World, Wet n Wild, Movie World, Dreamworld and wateva world that i forgot to mention or i dont even know that its existence... haha...

I only went to Sea World, Wet n Wild and Movie World.. Bcoz i bought Escape Pass ticket which allowed me to enter only two worlds but luckily i got to enter three worlds instead of two worlds...

Highlights of each worlds...

p's:-This is the only picture captured that all of us are jumping.. Unfortunately, my hands covered my face.. Damn!!

The early arrival in front of Sea World..
p/s:- The bus fare was super cheap.. Less than 1 dolar. Wish Sydney can be like Brisbane..
I call Sydney 'Bandar Telan Duet"!! Humph..

Jetrescue, Bermuda Triangle and Rollercoaster - Superb!!
p/s:- At first i thought Jetrescue was not that freaky but it was super super fast!!

Two attempts to make cute face after watching cute dolphins show...
I am cute rite? Nope? I know.. I am Good Looking! haha.. PErasan! Poyo!

Sea World:- 1) Pity me.. The moment i entered the world, i encountered a bad situation.. Me and my other four friends, Khirol, Izzaida, Erma and Intan decided to take the cable car to see the skyview of Sea World.. Suddenly Intan asked me about the tentative program for that day, i grabbed my pamphlet clumsily that i let my ticket flew away into dolphin pond and drowned. I was so upset that i lost my happiness and excitement to explore Sea World.. I asked people from information booth, they asked me to see the cleaner to take me to the pond.. then the cleaner said i can retrieve my ticket at the front counter by showing my receipt.. Thanks to Izzaida for helping me to get back the ticket as well as my excitement... Gosh, what an embarrassment... Then i tried all the rides with all my friends and i had so much fun...

2) I got to see dolphin and sea lion acting humorously..

3) I ate sushi that i thought halal.. (initially i thought the sushi consists of seaflakes and vege but actually, there were meat which i was not sure - chicken or ham.. i should have asked the seller first.. Lesson learned..

Welcome to Wet n Wild!! p/s:- too bad that i didnt take a lot pictures because all the stuff were locked in a locker.. Sigh...

Wet n Wild:-
1) This world was the best world that i have been to.. Me and my friends were lucky that the day we went to Wet n Wild, the place was not crowded at all.. In fact, we enjoyed our day until to the point that we dont even care about the rides but we were really concerned about having a good picture taken when we rode the rides... Wanna know the statistics?
Kamikaze - 7 times
Tornado - 5 or 6 times
Super 8 Aqua Racer - 2 times

Surfrider - 2 times (supposedly 3 times)

Other rides - one time per rides...

2) We had BBQ.. Thanks to Nija for marinating the chicken.. Delicious!!

3) I spent 30 minutes in jacuzzi... Felt like heaven.. LOL

4) Surfrider was the freakiest rides i have ever ridden.. I was supposed to ride surfrider three times but the next time i want to ride it, it was having a technical problem.. With myself seated on the rides with seatbelt fastened and ready for the ride to be launched, it appeared to have a technical problems.. It freaks me out.. I decided not to ride it..

5) I was teased by a little girl during the time when the surfrider was having a problem.. it was kinda lame that a little girl teased a big guy that the big guy finally withdrew from riding the ride.. haha.. (luckily you are cute, thats why i entertained you... if not, i would not even bother about what u said and your little tease.. haha.. (me = big talk!!)

6) Coming to Wet n Wild is a good exercise because if you want to ride anything, you have to climb up the 1000 stairs and bring the so-called-pelampung by yourself with you. Gosh, i could feel that my muscle hurts.. Besides that, my skin colour was darker than usual.. Sigh... LOL...

The stylish-yet-weird-3D-specky.. Suits me perhaps?? p/s:- Btw, I still look cool as usual. LOL

A big disappointment!! I wanna ride superman ride!!! I want!!

Batman Spaceshot - The only ride that i rode.. Super fantastic!!

Movie World:-
1) Supposed to be the most exciting world but the most boring world for me because it was too crowded... i have to queue for about one and half hour to have a 2-minute-ride. I only managed to ride Batman Spaceshot... I wished i could try Superman ride because Superman Ride is the most freakiest ride in Movie World..

2) First time watching 3D movie - Shrek.. Hate when the Donkey sneezes because i can feel that the liquid came out and hit on my face.. and i hate the moment when the spider climbed up my legs... But it was a great and entertaining experience. i love 3D movie..

Winter Holiday...

YAy!! After the exam, i had one and a half month of winter holiday.. Initially i have planned to go to Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand... But gosh.. Who says money is not important.. I had financial crisis during that period..

In the end, I cancelled my ticket to Melbourne (89 dolar flew away just like that!! *sigh*) and postponed my trip to New Zealand... But thank God... My Trip To BRISBANE was on the list!!

Here I Come.. BRISBANE!!

Nija, Mahfudz, Danny (me), Intan and Andi..
p/s: Nija, Mahfudz and Andi went to Melbourne and came to Sydney for a trip and ready to go back to their place.. We were boarding the same flight..

Love Brisbane City.. Looks very sophisticated..
p/s:- I miss Malaysia a lot that i compared all buildings in Brisbane with Malaysian buildings which makes no sense.. My friends even fed up with me and shut my mouth mouth up.. haha..

Queensland University of Technology.. Totally different with Macquarie University.. QUT is a very modern and sophisticated university..

YAy!! After the exam, i had one and a half month of winter holiday.. Initially i have planned to go to Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand... But gosh.. Who says money is not important.. I had financial crisis during that period..

In the end, I cancelled my ticket to Melbourne (89 dolar flew away just like that!! *sigh*) and postponed my trip to New Zealand... But thank God... My Trip To BRISBANE was on the list!! Here I Come.. BRISBANE!!

Pic 1 and 2 : We went to Harbour Town, the cheapest and huge shopping centre in Brisbane.. p/s:- My friend spent 400 AUD while i spent only 20 AUD.. Notice how wise i was in spending my money? LOL!!

The place where Queensland and New SOuth Wales are separated..

Welcome to New SOuth Wales!! p/s:-It is very irony that i am currently staying in New South Wales (Sydney) for 7 months and i havent see any signboard says New South Wales until i came to Brisbane..

My Brisbane friends - Faiz, Denish and Zamri and the photographer, Jemi.. THanks guys!!

Im Back!! Again....

It has been more than one month that i didnt update my blog.. two main yet lame and typical excuses..

BUSY and LAZY!! hahaha

There are many things and events that i wanna share with all of you... Mostly the events closely related to my passion - DANCE!!

So Stay TUned... Dont Go Anywhere.. Ill Come Back After This Short Lame Commercial... (a bit disoriented.. )

Monday, June 22, 2009


Why life must be vulnerable??
Do ever cross through your mind how fake is your heart?
Day one, u said u love somebody..
Day two, u said u care about somebody...
Day three... u said you accepted your friends as how they are..
Day four... u said although fighting and quarreling is a daily routine, it wont change your heart...

When time goes on,
Day **, the only thing u notice is his/her flaws..
Day ***, the only thing u realise, u do not care with what will happen to your buddy..
Day ****, the only thing u do, find and replace your partner with a better buddy..
Day *****, the only thing u want is newer and better version of somebody and forget about others' feeling....

Why must it happened that way? Sometimes, im just getting sick of my life.. If this is what life is all about, i would rather die and no longer have to see the stupidity and fakeness of life...

Sometimes i think is there anyone in this world is worth to be taking seriously and trustworthy? I have been through a lot although i am still young... And all my experiences were nightmares and full of shit!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


love the scenery vey much..

look at how wonderful the sky is.. huhuh

sorry.. my mouth was full with foods at the moment..

see.. how pampered was i with cheryll.. huhu

That was how our trip ended.. On the way back to Macquarie University Village, we stopped by at the seashore for a while.. Took the very last pictures together with Cheryll, our beloved mom..

I was exhausted right after we arrived at our home... With the cold weather, I could not help myself from took a short nap which after that became a deep sleep.. huhuhu.... Miss the moment..

Right now, preparing myself for the very last paper for LING211 examination. Wish me luck guys!!

Trip with Cheryll - our beloved mom!!

yay! finally.. i got to touch n pet a kangaroo..

cheryll, dont use me as the bait... huhuh

pose.. pose.. and pose..

Baby!! Go and watch Hana Kimi and you will understand.. huhu

Rexona commercial!! huhuh

Welcome to Australian Reptile Park.. I wonder if kangaroo and koala are reptiles??

the lazy koala.. damn! let me pet u just for once..

myra.. dont do something funny to me.. huahauh..

flushed away!! huhu

camera.. still... shot!!

get stuffed in a toilet..

The biggest FAKE spider i have ever seen.. huhuh

Last 12th June, Cheryll organised a trip to Australian Reptile Park since the semester has ended.. It means Cheryll will probably no longer being our Language Support coordinator.. So sad.. I hope she will still be with us for next semester.. I Love U Cheryll... The trip was fun and enjoyable..

Finally, i was able to see and touch kangaroo for the first time in my life.. Too bad, i did not manage to touch or pet koala... never mind, there is always next time.. It was fun to be able to feed the kangaroo, elmu bird, platipus etc.

Then, we had our picnic.. We had satay done by Cheryll, grilled chicken, fried rice, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, dessert etc. Glad that I was not wearing a tight shirt and jeans or else i cannot even breathe. LOL