Thursday, February 26, 2009

After class...

Look at me... with the fountain at the back..

studying... by the way, do i look sexy? hhahaah

this is the art.... huhuh...

after class... went to the park..

official picture.. msti lompat lar... huhuh

got sale.. bought 2 tshirts for 25 dolar.. after morning lecture..

waiting for my friend, Farouk making choices to buy a pair of shoes...

Right now is 1120pm and i have nothing to do or actually not in the mood to do anything..
kinda bored although it have a few homeworks that i have to finish..
after class today, my friends n i decided to go n visit the booths around our university because today is the last day of O-Week. After that, we decided to go to the lake near our cafeteria a.k.a u@mq.

the place is quite interesting and calm for you to release your stress or sadness.. since im in the particular zone, thus i think going to the lake is a smart thing to do at the moment...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Week...

the picture is so fake.. mana ad orang baca buku pakai sunglass.. huuh

thinking of my unpredictable future..

On da way back to my house... this is where i live..

we have to hike the hill to go back..

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...

before attending my very first lecture..

23rd february.. my classes started.
however, luckily, no was no tutorial or workshop this week..
We only have to attend the lectures..
Unfortunately, most of my lectures are in the evening session..
Damn.. i cant sleep in the evening.. huhuhu... (juz hibernate)..
it has been one week i studied in macquarie university..
I thoroughly enjoyed my first week of study.

At the same time, my universtity is conducting orientation week which we called O-Week for three days, from 23rd to 26th..
I have registered three clubs.. namely, Muslim Association, Malaysia Students Association and Macquarie Dance Academy..
It was fun to see and get involved in the crowd of people... This is the best O-Week i have attended in my university life..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wan.. Nih abg hadiahkan kat wan.. Blaja rajin-rajin..
UPSR kasik cemerlang k!

Love Epilogue

Love is beautiful. Love is wicked. Love is what people are craving for.
Everyone wants to love and to be loved.

Love makes us do craziest things in our life which makes our love life wonderful.

But sometimes, love also makes us do terrible things in our life.

When it happens, it is no longer called LOVE.

It is FEAR.
Fear to be cheated and betrayed.

Fear of losing the one we loved the most.
Fear to be left alone. Fear to be replaced.

Night Activity...

Im alone.. :((

Watching the star in an unnecessary pose..

Im Flying!!

Jump higher.. Alamak ternmpk perut.. Opss terlebih sudah!

Normally, if it is not raining at night, my friends and i will go to the park nearby. Jogging and do some exercise will be the routine of almost every night. If I am too lazy, i will just have a walk with my friends... watching the stars.. it calms me down.. if I miss Malaysia so much, i will go to the park with my friends to watch the stars and hoping that my family n my loved one is missing me too...

MeLomPat Lebih TingGi...

Love this pic so much....

I jump higher than intan n jen... Huhuhu...

Having a good time?

Haha.. Laughing out loud... Sabar.. Kang kita lompat sesama yer intan...

Actions after a jump... comey2 blaka... huhuh

Wah.. izza and i jumped synchronizingly together...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sydney City..

With Iqbal.. Do I look like a rocker? haha..

Can you see the Oprah House?

Im Like a Bird... (Nothing related to the picture.. KICHI YUMIE..)

Guys.. I saw an UFO...

Feeling good.. Juz 4 a moment..

I have been spending my quality time with my friends exploring many places.. (betul ker quality time?) We went to Sydney last Thursday.. Ten of my coursemate and two seniors.. Thx Kak Mimi and Kak Tiqah for your kindness to be our tourist guide.. (They are so funny.. I cant hold myself from laughing when they started to tell a joke..)

It was hot... Summer yeah! Sunburn!! The city is cool.. beautiful and wonderful to watch.. lotsa places we went of that day.. until i cant even feel my feet anymore.. the Oprah House, Darling Harbour, Chinatown, The sea... This experience was just amazing for me..

Water Loo Park..

One Canadian guy joined the picture...

Laughing like nobody cares...

Aren't we cute? *Blink*

After Amirah's party,
my friends decided to go for a walk in water loo park ( i do not know whether i spell it right)..
anyway who cares.. huhuh
it was fun.. running like a child on the grass.. chatting and laughing..
watching the stars..

Hepi BUrfdaE MyRa...

Amirah.. the burfday girl with her crown..

Eating while chatting or chatting while eating? huhu..

Hepi Burfday to u.. Hepi burfday to u...

Concentration is the key to success.. (but failed gak!)

KICHI YUMIE... after the party...

Amirah, my coursemate celebrated her burfday few days ago..
I helped her out in organizing her party..
Izzaidah is the chief chef while i was in charge for the cake..
(damn.. the cake was not good!)
but i dun know.. all my friends said it was good.. (jaga ati ek?!)
the party was superb..
there were some of our friends brought pizzas and gifts for Amirah..


@ Masti... Briyani Rice.. 10 dolar jer..

On da way to Macq Center.. Simple but Cute.. (huhuhuh)

Haiyah.. I only have 5 dolar in my wallet!!?

Waiting for da food..

I went to Macq Center quite a few times..
Buying important things.. (even unnecessary things pun beli gak)
Haiyaa... Shopping...
Suddenly i remember this clause.. "Shop shop shop until you drop.."
haha.. if i shop until i broke.. i will surely drop.. LOL..
Shopping is the best way for you to see your money flows away like water in the drain...

My Uni Life...

This sculpture looks intimate(?) or weird(?)...

Nice.. (Nothing i could say about the sculpture..)

Yum.. yum... Sedaaapp...

In the class.. with MSD.. KICHI YUMIE... :(

For the first week..
There was no class..
Orientation week will only start on 23rd february..
Thus, i filled up my free time by going to Macquarie Shopping Center..
Buying things to settle down..
My friends and I had a briefing from Malaysian Student Department..
I almost fell asleep during the briefing because i barely sleep last night..
Luckily, after that, we have been served with Malaysian food..
Satay, ketupat, nasi briyani, ayam masak merah... Yummy!

MUV... Fantastic!!

The bathroom is fantastic.. No sharing ok..

This is my study corner.. Very convenient

The kitchen.. All stuffs are provided.. Even oven and microwave!

Having opportunity to watch Australian programmes.. Totally different from Malaysia..

The house is beautiful.. It looks green.. (literally!)

Macquarie University Village.. One word to describe.. SUPERB!
THe accomodation is the best.. I love my house, my room and the environment..
It is full furnished with lots of stuff.. Here are some pictures..
Now you decide... It is superb, isnt it?