Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love and Lost

Written by : Danny Hussain

When life isnt wonderful like what you have wished,
When love that you are holding high is lost,
When a heart that blossoms began to fade and break,
When a full and happy soul became soulless..

You will find yourself is ugly,
Maybe ugliest among the ugliest,
You will find your life is full of misery,
Maybe the most horrible life in the world,
You will find yourself lying on the bed like an abandoned dying corpse,
Restless and useless..

You always hope to escape from hell,
The truth you are heading to hell,
You always want to be best person you could ever be,
The truth you are the worst person on the earth..

You had love,
You had passion,
You cherished your love and life to its fullest,
But now,
You had fear,
You had darkness,
You cherished your darkness to its fullest,
Hoping that God will sympathize you,
And bring you to somewhere far away,
That human is rarely found..

You felt you are the most fortunate person in the world,
Because you had love and things you wished in your life,
You felt you wanted to leave things behind,
And go away so that you wont get hurt again..

You used to believe that love is immortal,
You are human with ups and down,
Which makes life beautiful,
You believe that love is not your fate,
You are an insane creature who live in different world,
Which makes you think,
Please God..
"Please bring me to the place,
That I would never feel,
Sad and Regret..."

Clumsy by Xiao Xiao

Clumsy little me
I always let you down
I never have the sense enough to keep my mouth shut
I always let you down

I'm falling past the line now
I do it every time
I say what I don't mean
My real intent's unseen
I do it every tieme

I've let you down
Now you can let me drown here in my own shameful tears
You can let me go
But I hope you know my risk is betting that
You'll let me stay

Clumsy little words
They always fall away
And I'm left just standing there
You think that I don't care
But honey that's not true

And I know just what you'll do
Oh you'll look at me sadly
As I try to compensate for the words that I just ate
I'm feeling so badly

I fumble and I fall with no sense
I laugh and cry in every sentence
So listen now to words I have to say
And know that it's just me
I'm trying to make us both happy
I'm fading when tongues are tied and hearts are far away

Clumsy little me
I always let you down
I never have the sense enough to keep my mouth shut
I always let you down
I always let me down

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mati Hidup Kembali

I know this song has been soooo yesterday... about 3 years ago... but I just simply love this song.. especially the lyrics.. This is such an unbe-bloody-lievably inspirational song to me...

I always believe that a great song should not necessary always come with a damn long-and-wordy-yet-zero-content lyrics with such an annoying high pitch vocal.. watch this piece.. simple yet powerful..

Btw, Vimal.. i kinda agree with ur statement.. "People are full of shit.. It is the matter how we pay it.." Later, i will discuss my opinion about this statement in my upcoming post.. Just wait.. For this time being, enjoy this video..

Jalan raya terlampau sunyi untuk ku terus bermimpi, mataku belum mengantuk lagi, bawa kemana saja ku pergi,

Tunjukkan ku bulan gerhana, tiada siapa nak ku jumpa, benda yang tiada ku sangka ada, oh tak mengapa, tak mengapa.

Malam semalam gundah gulana, hari ini, hari mulia, tak pernah daku rasa begini, seperti mati hidup kembali.

Bawa ku hilang dari ingatan, hari ini sehingga esok, tak pernah daku rasa begini, seperti mati hidup kembali.

Angkasa penuh dengan berlian, ku capai sebelah tangan, sebalik awan ada cahaya, bercahayalah selamanya.

Daku tertawa seorang diri, darah yang mengalir terhenti, fikiran ku melayang - layang, tiada siapa yang perasan

Seperti mati hidup kembali

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is why life is called life...


This post is actually dedicated to my close friends who I have not been contacting for years... Yup for real..

Madiha, I am sorry that you are hurt with my posts.. Believe me Madiha.. There are things that I only keep in my heart that I do not tell anyone.. Actually, i searched for you ever since I left our school.. But then, luck is not on my side.. I couldnt find you.. But, today when i found u in my blog, u were hurt by my posts.. Im so sorry dear.. I just want you to know, how much you appreciate me as your best friends, so do I.. I might not telling you that, but deep in my heart, you are one of my best friends... ever...

Farah, Shazriq, Narimah and Wahida... Sorry for not keeping in touch with you... Silent does not mean that I forget about you.. Deep in my heart, I always think about all of you....

All my SMKDHAB friends whom I get to contact after few years, Ajla.. Syahida.. Khairil Akmal and kwn2 yg lain.. Thanks for finding me. I do not want us to lost contact again... I love all of you...

All my MRSM friends, PTTK geng... Sorry sebab lama tak contact korang.. Seyes aku rasa bersalah pada korang..

I know I could not mention all names that I want and have to, but, Im truly sorry and I apologized profusely for being insensitive with my post, by insensitive for not contacting all of you..

I know there are my friends out there who get hurt with me.. But, I do not have intention to do so.. Do forgive me k..

Friday, April 17, 2009

QUTies... Come Again...

For QUT friends who came here for last Easter Holiday.. thanks a lot guys..
At least all of you makes our life here in Sydney happy.. tak ar sunyi sgt bila korang ada..
Soory if we didnt provide a 5-star services.. But we hope you were happy when you were here...
Remember to come again..
Miss my peanut butter cake k... (Credit to Izza gak..)
Sunyi and bosan ar bila korang dah balik Brisbane...
Apsal datang kejap sgt...

p/s: sorry.. the pictures were taken on the last day.. dah lar aku baru bru bangun tido... huhuh... messy giler...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, Last Thursay, we went to Chatswood.. First time for my friends.. and third time for me... Well, there is nothing much to say about Chatswood... Shops, stalls... (typical place of Sydney...) Nak suh aku habiskan duet aku beli barang lagik ar nih... huhuh...

One think that interesting about Chatswood is there are Malaysian stalls selling Malaysian Food.. Tapi setiap hari Khamis ar.. That is why we went to Chatswood last Thursday.. You all got my idea right?

We were walking around looking at shops and people.. There were bands performed live.. Giant chess.. The place somewhat reminds me of Bukit Bintang because it was happening.. All my friends came here to have a taste of Malaysian food.

At first, we thought the price was too expensive but then, it was worth.. We were full and the were still leftovers.. My friends bought Char Kuey Teow (my fav!) and I bought The Works.. (consists of Roti Canai, Satay, Nasi Lemak and Curry..).. We ate them at The Australian Remembrance Park...

Waa.. Rindunyer Malaysia... Nak Laksa Penang!! Nak Mee Bandung!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Direction..

I think my blog is kinda lame.. i dont know why am i thinking like this... maybe my blog is just a typical blog... write about my daily lives... occurence that is rather significant or not to me... But, i have never wrote about my own thoughts... my ideology.. my opinion about certain issues.. so i think, it is time for me to go beyond posting pictures and notes...

But, i will still use the same format.. posting pictures and notes.. but at times, i will write a critical post which shows my opinion or thoughts about life, relationship, future and etc...

So, hopefully my blog will not be a lame blog anymore...


DFO - Homebush...

Yay!! Holiday!

But then, I do not have any plan to go anywhere...
Then, my friend suggested to go to Homebush.. Shopping at Direct Factory Outlet.. We went there by train..
Train in Sydney is very much different from my beloved country.. Tiga tingkat woo.. Siap ad tandas lagi tuh...
Then, once we arrived in Homebush, we were lost..
I bet I burned lots if calories to find DFO..
We took around 30 minutes walk to go to DFO ... far isn't it? But we only took 10 minutes to go back to the train station..
Then, we repaid our walk with shopping like hell... I bought two short jeans, one short pants n three t-shirts... I was quite disapponted that I could not buy things that I have planned. Bag, shirts, long jeans and hoodies...
It's ok... We were planning to go to Chatswood this Thursday.. So, hopefully, I can buy all things that i want...

p/s: I am technically broke yet acting like i have lots of money.. Stupid me.. hahah....
p/s2: The stuffs that I carried in the pictures were belong to Izzaidah.. Mine only two bags ok.. Do not misunderstood.. uhuhhuh....

We Unfold.. Rafael Bonachelli...

Last 11th April, Farouk and I went to Sydney Theatre to watch a contemporary dance performance.. I was really excited because for the first time, i had the opportunity to watch the dance for real... With my own two eyes.. Unbelieveable.. Everyone knows that I am a dance enthusiast, thus, this experience was superb for me..

But, there was a funny story behind this...
Farouk and I were excited to go to Sydney Theatre.. so, both of us were trying to find the place because we have never been there before.. so, we google the maps and everything but we totally forgot to reconfirm the time...

We woke up early to make sure that we arrived to Sydney Theatre on time because we thought that the performance was at 2pm but actually after redeemed the ticket, we realised that the performance was at 4pm.. haha... both of us were really disappointed and devastated..

Moral of the story, do not get to excited.. n check all important details k.. haha...
p/s: I hate my hair style... Supposedly I want to do my usual style, spiky.. but then, it did not turn into the desired style... nmpk skema... gosh....

University Of Sydney..

I cant really remember the date, but i think it is on 4th April... Me and my friends went to University Of Sydney.. Some of my friends had a fight with other three universities.. (University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and University of New South Wales).. Haha.. Dont get me wrong.. Not an abusive fight.. but a netball game..

I went there to cheer and support my friend, Izzaidah since I made a promise to her... ( Izza, ive fulfilled my promise k!).. haha...

Although they lost, but they lost with pride.. ( ya.. it sounds cliche..).

Then, we went to Paddy's Market.. Just to unwind after a week of hectic study..
I bought souvenirs for people in Malaysia.. Yup.. Maybe it is quite early to buy those souvenirs, but I am afraid, if I procrastinate, then, I would not be able to buy anything.. because i am quite a shopaholic here...

At this moment, I am technically broke.. waaaa.....

Thousand Apologies...

Hello friends..
First of all, i want to apologize profusely for not updating my blog for quite a long time..
Like what i have posted before, i have lots of tutorial tasks and assignments to be submitted.
Thank god.. Right now, i am having a week holiday..
Although I am in holiday mood, I do not have any plan to go anywhere...
Maybe because I am quite tired or possibly exhausted with my study..
Damn, I have never thought that being a linguist is damn hard...

So guys, I have lots of things to share with all of you... so, keep on viewing my blog ok!