Monday, June 22, 2009


Why life must be vulnerable??
Do ever cross through your mind how fake is your heart?
Day one, u said u love somebody..
Day two, u said u care about somebody...
Day three... u said you accepted your friends as how they are..
Day four... u said although fighting and quarreling is a daily routine, it wont change your heart...

When time goes on,
Day **, the only thing u notice is his/her flaws..
Day ***, the only thing u realise, u do not care with what will happen to your buddy..
Day ****, the only thing u do, find and replace your partner with a better buddy..
Day *****, the only thing u want is newer and better version of somebody and forget about others' feeling....

Why must it happened that way? Sometimes, im just getting sick of my life.. If this is what life is all about, i would rather die and no longer have to see the stupidity and fakeness of life...

Sometimes i think is there anyone in this world is worth to be taking seriously and trustworthy? I have been through a lot although i am still young... And all my experiences were nightmares and full of shit!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


love the scenery vey much..

look at how wonderful the sky is.. huhuh

sorry.. my mouth was full with foods at the moment..

see.. how pampered was i with cheryll.. huhu

That was how our trip ended.. On the way back to Macquarie University Village, we stopped by at the seashore for a while.. Took the very last pictures together with Cheryll, our beloved mom..

I was exhausted right after we arrived at our home... With the cold weather, I could not help myself from took a short nap which after that became a deep sleep.. huhuhu.... Miss the moment..

Right now, preparing myself for the very last paper for LING211 examination. Wish me luck guys!!

Trip with Cheryll - our beloved mom!!

yay! finally.. i got to touch n pet a kangaroo..

cheryll, dont use me as the bait... huhuh

pose.. pose.. and pose..

Baby!! Go and watch Hana Kimi and you will understand.. huhu

Rexona commercial!! huhuh

Welcome to Australian Reptile Park.. I wonder if kangaroo and koala are reptiles??

the lazy koala.. damn! let me pet u just for once..

myra.. dont do something funny to me.. huahauh..

flushed away!! huhu

camera.. still... shot!!

get stuffed in a toilet..

The biggest FAKE spider i have ever seen.. huhuh

Last 12th June, Cheryll organised a trip to Australian Reptile Park since the semester has ended.. It means Cheryll will probably no longer being our Language Support coordinator.. So sad.. I hope she will still be with us for next semester.. I Love U Cheryll... The trip was fun and enjoyable..

Finally, i was able to see and touch kangaroo for the first time in my life.. Too bad, i did not manage to touch or pet koala... never mind, there is always next time.. It was fun to be able to feed the kangaroo, elmu bird, platipus etc.

Then, we had our picnic.. We had satay done by Cheryll, grilled chicken, fried rice, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, dessert etc. Glad that I was not wearing a tight shirt and jeans or else i cannot even breathe. LOL

Holiday and Guests...

bergabung!! huhuh

Top 7 : Macquarie Next Top Model.. Huhauah

see cheese... KEJU!!

peace... at macquarie fountain..

Lunch time..

mira: aha erma.. naper yer sheha cmnih erma: tuh lar.. tensen kot.. shiha: aku ngantuk lar.. haish.. sibuk jer..

me and intan.. waiting for our Brissy friends

Fly faster with Qantas.. huhauhauh

enterframe jap.. huhuh

huhuh... cute tak kitorang? LOL

Some of my friends came over to Sydney for winter holiday.. Their holiday is earlier than mine but my holiday is longer than them.. Huhuhuhuah.... We had a busy time welcoming our friends from Brisbane.. We glad all of you can make it to our place.. It has been 6 months that we have not seen each other.. Hopefully your Sydney trip will be one of the memorable moments in your life.. I am coming to Brisbane.. so wait for me...

Gawai Celebration...

macquarie family..

How cute all of us.. LOL

the arrival of me and YB.. huhuh..

oh no.. we did not do anything wrong.. huhuh

go dani... huhu..

this is Kek Lapis Sarawak.. Done by me.. :)

yummy!! i want more!!

dancing sumazau... so u think u can dance? yup!!

the announcement of 'Unduk Ngadau'

poco-poco... lets do it guys!!

poco-poco dance.. everyone is dancing... yay!!

after the celebration... everyone is still smiling.. that's the spirit guys..

Thanks to Jeniffer and Florinta for giving such a wide exposure about their culture.. Flo is from Beaufort while Jen is from Bintangor.. Both of them celebrate different occasions - Gawai and Tadau Kaamatan.. So, we decided to celebrate both in Aussie for the first time..

The day started with preparing all the dishes which reflected the celebration of Gawai and Kaamatan. Foods like Kek Lapis Sarawak, Kuih Sepit, Dumpling and Bihun Lakna were prepared by us.. We did our best to make sure Jen and Flo enjoyed themselves while for sure they were thinking about their family and hometown during the celebration..

Then, there was a beauty pageant contest which is called 'Unduk Ngadau'. The celebration was superb and we glad that we were able to learn about other people's culture.

We enjoyed it to the fullest...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Wonder!

No wonder lar no comments lately..
My blog was having problem... My friend asked me why he cannot leave a comment in my blog.. I said 'What??' "How come?"
And now it has been fixed..
So, leave your comment ya...


Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Gawai and Kaamatan...

Happy Gawai and Kaamatan to my dearest friends, Jeniffer and Florinta... In my upcoming posts, i will share Gawai and Kaamatan celebration that we organized last Saturday in Aussie Land.. That night was awesome.. and full of laughs and smiles.. That was what we want... So, wait for the next upcoming post k..



I kinda embarrased with my stomach... Look at the picture above... I was kinda plump or fat.

Then, after using Acaiburn Dietary Supplement, this is the result...

HAHA.. This post is just for fun... Sorry, I am a bit disoriented at the moment... LOL..

Fooling around..

First try : Me and Azuan Syah

Second Try : Me and Azuan Syah Again...

Third Try: Me and Izzaidah

Im fed up.. Just look at this place where we have to wait for the train.. U can see how cold is that place rite?

Since it was very cold in Blue Mountain, whenever we talked, there were kind of water vapour came out from our mouth... It was cool, dude... We kinda tried to take picture of us breathing to show the water vapour... Too bad.. Unfortunate, The camera was not able to capture the pictures.. Migh be because it was too bright... But, for real, when we talked, we could see that our mouth produce the water vapour... Cool!

From Luera to Macquarie University

Let's play pool..

Use a lil bit of time playing pool...

Jumping... Jumping..

Opss.. Terlebih sudah.. I purposely show my stomach.. :p

Waiting for the train to come...

Blue Mountain Hotel School

It is autumn, dude... End of autumn.. Winter is coming..

Well, after spending overnight in Blue Mountain Hotel School, we all departed at 9 am.. thx to aras for sending us to the train station. Gosh... It was very cold.. You could the water vapour flying on the air (sorry for my bad and weird English.. huhu).. We had to wait for 20 minutes for the train to come... So, we had plenty time to take pictures since we were photo freak... huahauh....