Friday, June 19, 2009

Trip with Cheryll - our beloved mom!!

yay! finally.. i got to touch n pet a kangaroo..

cheryll, dont use me as the bait... huhuh

pose.. pose.. and pose..

Baby!! Go and watch Hana Kimi and you will understand.. huhu

Rexona commercial!! huhuh

Welcome to Australian Reptile Park.. I wonder if kangaroo and koala are reptiles??

the lazy koala.. damn! let me pet u just for once..

myra.. dont do something funny to me.. huahauh..

flushed away!! huhu

camera.. still... shot!!

get stuffed in a toilet..

The biggest FAKE spider i have ever seen.. huhuh

Last 12th June, Cheryll organised a trip to Australian Reptile Park since the semester has ended.. It means Cheryll will probably no longer being our Language Support coordinator.. So sad.. I hope she will still be with us for next semester.. I Love U Cheryll... The trip was fun and enjoyable..

Finally, i was able to see and touch kangaroo for the first time in my life.. Too bad, i did not manage to touch or pet koala... never mind, there is always next time.. It was fun to be able to feed the kangaroo, elmu bird, platipus etc.

Then, we had our picnic.. We had satay done by Cheryll, grilled chicken, fried rice, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, dessert etc. Glad that I was not wearing a tight shirt and jeans or else i cannot even breathe. LOL


d!d!-d!ey@ said...

aku nk koala tuh!!nk!huhu

izza said...

i thInk cHeryL shUd uSE u aS a bait..
cOz U dh dueKn I..

Danny U-KnoW said...

hahaha... bukan takat dua.. tiga empat dah...

madiha - nk koala? aku bgi patung jer lar ek... huhauhauh.. aku sindri lum dpt pgang koala lagik tau.. sabar.. huhuh..

farhana anuar said...

hoi.. aku ni.. pean. hehehe.. aku suka la koala n kangaroo.. cute nak mampos.. huhuhu