Friday, August 7, 2009

Brisbane - Three Worlds..

WORLD!! When we say world, what comes to your mind? Mawi? Sucks to be you if Mawi came acroos through your mind.. haha.. no offense!!!

During my trip to Brisbane, one of the highlights was the worlds that Gold Coast provided to you.. There are more than three worlds - Sea World, Wet n Wild, Movie World, Dreamworld and wateva world that i forgot to mention or i dont even know that its existence... haha...

I only went to Sea World, Wet n Wild and Movie World.. Bcoz i bought Escape Pass ticket which allowed me to enter only two worlds but luckily i got to enter three worlds instead of two worlds...

Highlights of each worlds...

p's:-This is the only picture captured that all of us are jumping.. Unfortunately, my hands covered my face.. Damn!!

The early arrival in front of Sea World..
p/s:- The bus fare was super cheap.. Less than 1 dolar. Wish Sydney can be like Brisbane..
I call Sydney 'Bandar Telan Duet"!! Humph..

Jetrescue, Bermuda Triangle and Rollercoaster - Superb!!
p/s:- At first i thought Jetrescue was not that freaky but it was super super fast!!

Two attempts to make cute face after watching cute dolphins show...
I am cute rite? Nope? I know.. I am Good Looking! haha.. PErasan! Poyo!

Sea World:- 1) Pity me.. The moment i entered the world, i encountered a bad situation.. Me and my other four friends, Khirol, Izzaida, Erma and Intan decided to take the cable car to see the skyview of Sea World.. Suddenly Intan asked me about the tentative program for that day, i grabbed my pamphlet clumsily that i let my ticket flew away into dolphin pond and drowned. I was so upset that i lost my happiness and excitement to explore Sea World.. I asked people from information booth, they asked me to see the cleaner to take me to the pond.. then the cleaner said i can retrieve my ticket at the front counter by showing my receipt.. Thanks to Izzaida for helping me to get back the ticket as well as my excitement... Gosh, what an embarrassment... Then i tried all the rides with all my friends and i had so much fun...

2) I got to see dolphin and sea lion acting humorously..

3) I ate sushi that i thought halal.. (initially i thought the sushi consists of seaflakes and vege but actually, there were meat which i was not sure - chicken or ham.. i should have asked the seller first.. Lesson learned..

Welcome to Wet n Wild!! p/s:- too bad that i didnt take a lot pictures because all the stuff were locked in a locker.. Sigh...

Wet n Wild:-
1) This world was the best world that i have been to.. Me and my friends were lucky that the day we went to Wet n Wild, the place was not crowded at all.. In fact, we enjoyed our day until to the point that we dont even care about the rides but we were really concerned about having a good picture taken when we rode the rides... Wanna know the statistics?
Kamikaze - 7 times
Tornado - 5 or 6 times
Super 8 Aqua Racer - 2 times

Surfrider - 2 times (supposedly 3 times)

Other rides - one time per rides...

2) We had BBQ.. Thanks to Nija for marinating the chicken.. Delicious!!

3) I spent 30 minutes in jacuzzi... Felt like heaven.. LOL

4) Surfrider was the freakiest rides i have ever ridden.. I was supposed to ride surfrider three times but the next time i want to ride it, it was having a technical problem.. With myself seated on the rides with seatbelt fastened and ready for the ride to be launched, it appeared to have a technical problems.. It freaks me out.. I decided not to ride it..

5) I was teased by a little girl during the time when the surfrider was having a problem.. it was kinda lame that a little girl teased a big guy that the big guy finally withdrew from riding the ride.. haha.. (luckily you are cute, thats why i entertained you... if not, i would not even bother about what u said and your little tease.. haha.. (me = big talk!!)

6) Coming to Wet n Wild is a good exercise because if you want to ride anything, you have to climb up the 1000 stairs and bring the so-called-pelampung by yourself with you. Gosh, i could feel that my muscle hurts.. Besides that, my skin colour was darker than usual.. Sigh... LOL...

The stylish-yet-weird-3D-specky.. Suits me perhaps?? p/s:- Btw, I still look cool as usual. LOL

A big disappointment!! I wanna ride superman ride!!! I want!!

Batman Spaceshot - The only ride that i rode.. Super fantastic!!

Movie World:-
1) Supposed to be the most exciting world but the most boring world for me because it was too crowded... i have to queue for about one and half hour to have a 2-minute-ride. I only managed to ride Batman Spaceshot... I wished i could try Superman ride because Superman Ride is the most freakiest ride in Movie World..

2) First time watching 3D movie - Shrek.. Hate when the Donkey sneezes because i can feel that the liquid came out and hit on my face.. and i hate the moment when the spider climbed up my legs... But it was a great and entertaining experience. i love 3D movie..


Shorty said...

ticket masuk dlm pond tu weyh...? hahahah

d!d!-d!ey@ said...

beshnye ko...sure enjoy xhengat!!hehhe..

d!d!-d!ey@ said...

eh lupe lak..yg ko g mrata2 nih..xtkot h1n1 ke?hehehe..t8 cre ok!

Danny U-KnoW said...

aha.. malu lar tiket masuk dlm pond...

takpe madiha.. sini kes h1n1 dah kurang dh sket... dun wori k..

Anonymous said...

hahaha...bla bc post awk ni, mcm dlm cita final destination 3 plak...bek awk hati2...manala nk tau...bleh bt cita final destination 5.hehehe